Registrations for $50,000 CSL live!!



Here’s your weekly reminder about CSL registration! If you’re in college and want to play in a Dota2 league just for fellow college students, and you want to win a share of $50,000, and you have some friends at your school, you should SIGN UP!!

Here are some details:

  • Registration is open: September 1 – September 30
  • League begins: October 8
  • Requirements: 5 players minimum, must attend the same school, and must fulfill eligibility requirements (
  • Prize pool: $50,000 distributed down to the top 16 teams
  • The league runs from October through May, so by signing up you’re getting to play organized, competitive Dota for the whole school year
  • LIVE championship for the top 4 teams in the league at the end of the year. Location/date TBD, but last year we flew the top schools to DREAMHACK AUSTIN. Expect similar levels of AWESOME this year
  • Disclaimer: there is a registration fee to cover the cost of chat systems, hosting, and so on. Fee is $150 for Division 1 (with the $50,000 prize pool). If you make top 16, you’ll get your money back 😀
  • If you aren’t super competitive or have a LOT of Dota players at your school, we have a more casual Division 2 for you to play in. There will be some product prizing for Division 2!

Want to learn more? Check out THIS LINK FOR FULL DETAILS!


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