Reignover roasted by MonteCristo for complaining

Team Liquid has released a post titled the “Heart of Reignover”

The post details of how “Reignover’s” struggles, where while he put major effort into reaching the top with multiple teams, he always fell short but little to no fault of his own. As a result, the post described the mental and emotional troubles due to being unable to reach the success he dreams for. Due to Team Liquid’s recent poor performance, Reignover has struggled with staying with the team, nonetheless, he is remaining on the team due to previous contractual obligations.

Over the span of his four-year League of Legends career, Yeu-jin “Reignover” Kim chased his dreams through three regions and four different teams. In this time, Reignover wrought a pedigree of excellence that includes two European championships, a Worlds top four placing, and an NA LCS Spring Split MVP award.

Reignover is definitely one of the best players in League of Legends, which is why he is speculated to have the highest pay deal in the whole NA LCS scene due to his transfers from the Korea competitive scene to the North American competitive scene. As a result, commentator such as MonteCristo have voiced out on twitter that he should not be making such a fuss over the issue, since he gets paid well. While this may seem sharp, Reignover did choose to sign with Team Liquid based of money, as they are currently well sponsored and have a huge amount of money to sign players like him.