Rekkles put resign deal with Fnatic on hold

Rekkles has recently tweeted about wanting to end his career


After constant losses in the LCS, Rekkles has sent out numerous tweets on March the 10th which all stem from him having a hard time and having signs of wanting to quit competitive play. Rekkles was known as one of the best EU players for a very long time, however due to lower than expected performance from himself and Fnatic, he has been feeling much more down lately, especially with the loss to Unicorns of Love.

Rekkles has been signed with Fnatic for over 6 splits, making him one of the longest players to be on Fnatic and experiencing some of their best moments. However, this may soon come to an end with the veteran stating that he had put a resign deal with the team for 3 years on hold and is not 100% sure what he will do for the future.

Rekkles states that no matter what he does with the current contract option with Fnatic, he wishing to play with Fnatic for a long time and does not see himself moving to any other team. This likely suggests if he turns down the player offer for Fnatic, it opens up the possibility to be partnered with the organization as a substitute, coach or streamer.