Remi Quits Renegades!

First female gamer that made the lcs, Remi, quits.

Remi 1

Remi is the first and only girl gamer that has successfully made it into a professional league of legends team that qualified in the League of Legends Champions Series. Reports suggest Remi left the team on goods term, with anxiety reportly the main reason for her departure.

Renegades twitter 2


The pressure on Remi was too great in the LCS especially with the high expectations especially as the first female gamer, this pressure in turn affected her game play. When Remi was calm, collect and in “her zone” she was nick named by fans Mad-wife”. This nickname originates from her ability to make top tier thresh plays which she bought to her team the LA Renegades, similar to “Madlife” famously known for carrying his team.

Remi helped her team, “LA Renegades” to first place in the North America Challenger Series Qualifier when the team weren’t very well known. No one was expecting this result.
Remi 3

Remi has announced she will be taking a different career path, away from the competitive gaming scene. Remi has definitely shown that girl gamers can make it to the LCS and they have what it takes to be a professional gamer. Her legacy as the first girl gamer in the LCS will surely live on.

We all wish Remi the best for her future, no matter what it may be!