Renegades choose to attend the Minor over ESL Pro League, their spot goes to Team Liquid



Renegades have announced that they will attend the Minor . The minor dates will clash with the ESL Pro League Qualifiers for ESL Pro League Brazil. Being forced to make a choice between the two, Renegades have decided to go ahead with the Minor and will not be attending the ESL Pro League qualifiers.



This was announced on the ESL Pro League tournament to be held later this year. The ESL Pro League tournament will not feature the seventh ranked team, Team Liquid in place of Renegades.


As one of the teams likely to qualify, Renegades could potentially be a finalist at the event in Sao Paulo. Since the Asia Minor for the upcoming CS:GO Major was recently scheduled for the same weekend, Renegades informed us that they would go to the event instead of Pro League finals even if they qualified for it. For that reason, in the case that Renegades places 6th or higher at the end of the season, we are going to have the team that comes in 7th place in the NA division participate in the finals, and Renegades will be treated as if they had reached the 7th place.

ESL Statement regarding the Renegades situation.