Renegades vs. Cloud9 – NA LCS 2016 – Week 8 – Day 1 – Preview

Renegades vs. Cloud9 are matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Saturday March 12, 2016 in Day 1, Week 8 of the competition.

Seraph : Balls

Crumbz : Rush

Ninja : Jensen

Freeze : Sneaky

Hakuho : Hai

Cloud 9

With two roster changes, and two weeks worth of practise, Renegades may have a few tricks up their sleeve for this game, Seraph is a very good top laner, and could cause an upset by challenging Balls. Freeze is also an exceptional AD carry, but unfortunately his team hasn’t been up to standard, resulting in him not being able to carry as well as he possibly could.

On the other side, Cloud9, in third place, are desperate to gain the playoff bye spot, meaning they will strive for every win they can possibly get. Sneaky has been very good on Jhin, the newest champion, and could either cause a target ban, freeing up the rest of his team, or he can use it to great effect in game. Jensen has also performed very well, gaining many kills and assists, making him a great fantasy pick up, as he is able to deal significant damage for his team in fights.

Overall, it is likely that Cloud9 will win this, due to their skills and synergy being greater than that of Renegades.

Chance of victory: Renegades: 25% : Cloud9: 75%