Renegades vs. Echo Fox – NA LCS 2016 – Week 9 – Day 2 – Preview

Renegades vs. Echo Foxare matched up against each other for the North American League of Legends Challenger Series to be held Sunday March 20, 2016 in Day 2, Week 9 of the competition.

Seraph : kfo

Crumbz : Hard

Ninja : Froggen

Freeze : Keith

Hakuho : Big

Echo fox

Chasing a better seeding for the relegation tournament, Renegades will need to pick up as many wins as they can in the last week of the regular split. They have shown very good early play in recent weeks, but have lacked the mid/late game macro play to extend their lead into a win. With Seraph and Ninja in the team, they have very strong solo lanes, which have the potential to snowball if they get an advantage. Freeze has also shown that he is actually a very good AD carry, and has the potential to win team fights for Renegades, if he has the right resources, and is able to stay safe. All in all, their roster is actually quite strong now, and they could surge up a few places in the standings if they have a good performance in their last two games.

For Echo Fox, they are on the brink if making it into playoffs, which would be a great achievement after not having their full roster for about half of the split. They have shown great teamwork and macro play, due to Froggen having great game knowledge and experience, as he truly is a veteran player. Keith is also a great AD carry, from playing on TSM and TL, he has experience and is able to flourish on another great team. If they don’t make it into playoffs, they should be happy with 7th place (which they’re likely to get) and prepare to come back for the summer split as an upcoming team ready to take the NA LCS by storm.

Overall, Echo Fox has the better roster, and standings, and so is more likely to win this, but Renegades can desperately upset them, as they did against TSM, if they get an early advantage, such as more towers or kills.

Chance of victory: Renegades: 35% : Echo Fox: 65%