Renegades vs Immortals NA LCS 2016 – Week 6 – Day 1 – Preview

Renegades play Immortals in Round 6 Day 1 of the NA LCS Spring Split to be played on Saturday the 21st of February 2016.









Flarez : Huni

Crumbz : Reignover
Alex Ich : Pobelter
Freeze : WildTurtle
Hakuho : Adrian

This is a match of the best vs the worst. Renegades have not shown up this split, standing at 1-9, they are nowhere close to LCS’s standard. Immortals, however, at 10-0 are by far the best team in NA at the moment. I highly doubt that Renegades will even have a chance this game, as long as Immortals don’t get cocky, or make any stupid mistakes. The only carry potential on Renegades is Freeze, but he will have a tough job on his hands. Crumbz is easily outmatched by Reignover and both mid and top lanes are heavily in favour of Immortals. This should be a super clean and easy game for Immortals.

Chance of victory: Renegades: 5% : Immortals: 95%