Renegades vs NME – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview


Renegades vs NME- Train


This match is going to be super exciting. Both the team’s mentioned here do not have much practice in playing Train. Their last match was on 19th November when they played against each other. Renegades won that match , however you have to remember that at that time ( November 2015) Renegades were somewhat decent while NME were straight bad at that moment. However the scoreline was still somewhat close with a 16-12 scoreline.


Renegades recently had a roster change in the team. They removed Havoc and added Ustilio. This roster change definitely is something that they probably needed considering their recent string of poor results. however that being said, i do not think that the roster change will suddenly make them play better. They need time to improve their results. Their performance level has dipped quite a lot and they have lost their X factor. Teams figure them out with ease. You add the loss of form to that and they really have a bad situation on their hands.


On the other side we have NME. NME were really great in January , however they experienced a huge dip in form. They have been losing to teams left right and center especially games that they should not potentially win. Their matches against GamesAcademy however were proof enough that they still have the potential to spruce it up when needed. If we look at NME’s recent matches you will understand what it is that I am talking about.

NME recent Matches

This map should favor NME. The main reason being this is Train and Renegades had a roster change..If You take a look at Immunity’s Train maps and they have almost never played it. The only time they played it was once against Cloud9 and Dignitas. Both the maps were lost. Dignitas beat them with a scoreline of 16-2 even.

Immunity Train plays

Unless NME have a roster changing problem, I do not think they should be the ones losing this map. However since the teams have not played this map since quite sometime anything more than a low bet would not be sensible


The Prediction : 60%-40% NME

The Bet : Low NME