Renegades vs NRG – ESL Pro League – Tips, Odds and Preview


Renegades and NRG are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League to be held on the 6th of April 2016 at 03:00 CET on the map of Cache.



  • Renegades’ second best map is Cache. In their most recent matches they have performed well against top tier 2 teams in the NA scene
  • Renegades have won a few matches against Splyce recently. Prior to that they have lost matches against teams such as TSM and Liquid. However these teams are definitely quite good with some of them being top tier NA teams.
  • They are also marked 4th in the league and as such their matches have more meaning in the upcoming 2-3 weeks



  • NRG on the other hand definitely have been in a slump recently. Most of their matches have been pretty good however they were against much weaker teams who do not have decent results
  • They have been playing with a Stand-in, Tabsen

The Prediction : Renegades 65%-35%

The Bet : Low on Renegades.