Renegedes ban from LCS leads to some resignations!

General manager Rob “Leonyx” Lee and Jungler Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo has announced their resignation from the team.

This news follows the news that Riot found the Renegades management of “knowingly violated the competitive ban against Chris Badawi” and also violating their player’s welfare and safety.


This announcement by Riot has lead to some members tweeting that this allegation was false, and that they were not mistreated by the organization.

General manager “Leonyx” has not been implicated in the ruling of Riot and has not received a penalty from them. Because of this, he has announced that he will be accepting offers to join other teams and it is expected that we will be seeing him in the competitive scene again.

Jungler “Crumbz” too has announced he will be leaving the team, likely to be because of this issue. He hasn’t been on the team for really long, a mere 5 month, but he has performed to a high standard and it is expected he will be picked up by another time in the near future.