Rengar changes – Skill rundown

Pretty major changes to Rengar all which make him much stronger


His passive changed where, every time you leap at a target from a bush to enter combat, it grants Rengar 1 stack of Ferocity. Also, casting an empowered ability (any one) will now give Rengar additional movement speed.

Also, killing enemy champions (once per champion) will grant Rengar additional AD. So he becomes even stronger…..


Cool down for the Q has been reduced to a flat 4 second, which is insane considering how strong the new ability is. The Q has been completely reworked where activating the ability will activate 2 slashes, one in a small front section ahead of him, and one in a slightly longer single line where directed. Both these slashes do damage. Main change is that the Q is now directly ability instead of enchanting Rengar’s next auto attack.

As expected when empowered, the skill will do additional damage.


The W has been almost completely changed, which it is still a roar that does damage in a small radius around Rengar, the affects have completely been rewritten. The activation will now no longer give Rengar armor and magic resistance, instead, it will heal him for the damage he has taken in the last 1.5 second. (50% champions, 100% monsters).

Empowered W will remove all CC from rengar and also prevent him rom being CC’d for 1.5 seconds.


The slow has been reduced in the earlier levels which slow his ganking potential, but once maxed will be higher than the previos slow prior to the rework. The slow now also does not decay, and will last the full amount throughout the 1.75 seconds.


Lets start off by saying he is now ABSOLUTELY BROKEN.

The cool down has been reduced at lower levels, and is the same at level 3. This means Rengar will be able to gank more frequently earlier in the game. The duration of the invisibility is pretty much doubled compared to the old duriation.

However, once in ult, he becomes camouflaged not invisible.

The ultimate once activated will only grant Rengar vision of the closest enemy champion within a certain range (scales as leveled). This isn’t too much of a change, since he can still red trinket in ultimate, and usually has vision of his targets in team fights.

The biggest nerf is where rengar now does not gain additional movement speed once in ult, and once out of ult. However, this isn’t too much of a change anyway.