Reunited KYB steps down from roster.



Reunited Player KYB will be stepping down from the competitive roster for Team Reunited. This comes just as the team is preparing to travel to Seoul, Korea for their OGN Apex Season 1 tournament.


Read the full statement issued by Team Reunited on their facebook page. 


Today our Overwatch roster travelled to Seoul, Korea to compete for glory in the OGN Overwatch Apex League. The team will be living in Seoul during the competition for up to two months, practicing hard to win the league. However, this adventure will sadly be without one of our dearest friends, Finley “Kyb” Adisi. Kyb has decided to take a step back from professional Overwatch for now.
Things has moved fast for Kyb since he joined the Reunited roster in July. The team has been travelling non-stop while practicing almost every day to stay on top of the game. This transition towards a career as a professional player happened extremely fast for a young player like Kyb. The change in lifestyle has made Kyb doubt whether this career is really what he is looking for. In the end he has decided not to travel to Korea with the team. Effective immediately, he will step down from the Reunited roster. Kyb had the following statement: “I really enjoyed my time as a pro in Reunited but it all went so fast. I didn’t expect for it to go this well this fast. I need to take some time to think about it what I want to do in the future. Thanks to all my followers/supporters, I hope to stay connected with you guys” Despite his decision to step back, Kyb will not be leaving the Reunited family. He will stay onboard as a streamer and figure out what the next step in his life will be. For now, he will be taking a break from professional gaming and focus fulltime on streaming. After this, who knows. One day we might be lucky enough to experience some of Kyb’s signature plays in the Reunited jersey once more.
Following Kyb’s departure, we have decided to immediately add a new player to the roster. He is currently travelling to meet the team in Korea. We will be announcing the new player shortly, stay tuned for more news .

KYB has been a key component of the Reunited roster. Their less than average performance at the Overwatch Open might have been a catalyst to this change. Either ways, we are really excited to hear the name of the new player tomorrow.

Stay tuned to to find out more .