Reworked talon released on the PBE – Full skill rundown!

Talon is one of the many assassin champions that will receive a rework for the upcoming 2017 preseason. His release on the PBE put him on track for release in the next month

The current proposed reworked talon has been release on the public beta environment, also known as the PBE server has already been released for testing. These skills are subject to change before the champion is released to the official regular servers as usual, considering the skills will be filled with bugs and imbalances. Currently, I think the reworked talon is way to strong, as his mobility and burst potential is absolutely insane.

Passive – Blade’s End – The passive states that for every spell that damage an enemy champion or epic monster (Krugg, Drag, Baron) it will apply a mark for 6 seconds, where if 3 marks are triggered within each other’s duration, a damage over time bleed will trigger on the enemy. The passive damage that is triggered will escalate as talon’s level and attack damage increases.

Q – Noxian Diplomacy – an absolutely broken skill which allows talon to either overwhelm an opponent in combat, or catch up to them after they flash. The Q will function as a medium range dash towards any target within range and apply significant damage, which obviously increases based on level and attack damage. The interesting part is that, if talon is in melee range of a target while using the skill, he will immediately crit the target for 150% of the abilities initial damage. This adds tons of burst potential for talon’s kit.

W – Rake – A minor change on talon’s existing rake. This time, the rake will stay still on a short delay before coming back to him. This reduces was intended by Riot to reduce a bit of burst by allowing the opponent to flash the second damage of the rake. When the rake is launched it simply does a small amount of damage, but if the second part of the rake comes back to talon and hits the enemy, it does increased damage and slows them for a short duration.

E – Vault – Possibly the most broken ability ever. It allows talon to “vault” over any terrain, this pretty much means he can go over any wall and further increases his mobility. The vault does have a range, but if levelled up, will increase. The most insane part about this ability is that it has almost no cool down, at Lvl 1 it only has a mere 2 second cool down, which pretty much allows talon to jump over walls over and over again to escape or chase down the enemy. The only downside to the skill is that once talon has vaulted over a specific terrain, he is unable to vault über the same terrain for a long duration, 150 second at level one, but the duration will decrease as the E is levelled.

R – Shadow assault – Virtually no change from talon’s former ultimate, he launches a blade of circle around him which deal damage to enemies as they are hit. Talon then goes invisible for up to 2.5 second, he can chose to reactivate the R to bring the blades back to him and turn off his invisibility. Note that once talon damage an enemy while in stealth, he will reveal himself once again and the blades will not return to talon, but instead the target. 

An absolutely broken champion at this stage. He has a heap of mobility through his wide array of chasing tools and escaping tools. This kit fits a truely makes talon a fearsome assassin that will be despised by many on the rift.