Rift herald is now insane!

Patch 7.9 has seen Rift herald’s reward being completely changed

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In the recent patch, Riot has made a drastic change towards Rift herald. The buff was previously a static shiv proc type ability, which deal bonus damage on an auto attack hit when charged to 100. While somewhat useful for laning, it lacked strength in team fights and also applied no pressure when fighting in groups. Because of this, not many players choose to obtain the Rift herald buff which overall prompted Riot to change the buff not only to increase interest, but to also make it more interesting.

This new rework will definitely be a top prirority as it will apply MAJOR lane pressure and pose a great threat if not dealt with promptly. The change involves the buff now being a summoned item which temporarily replaces the chosen’s trinket. Once summoned, it will have between 4,000 – 6,400 health depending on the level of the character which summoned it. The summoned Rift herald will kill minions and turrets, but it is unable to engage in combat with enemy champions. That said, it is extremely useful as it’s special “Turret leap attack” will deal a major “150 damage plus 25% of her current health to the turret and herself”.

The new Rift herald will force teams to deal with the summoned monster or face losing 2 if not 3 towers or even inhibs. It is advised that once the Rift herald is slain, you summon it top lane and immediately take drag. Alternatively, you may slay the buff just prior to barron, run and drop it bot lane and force the enemies to rotate bot lane for an easy baron.