Riot announced their policy on off meta picks

Riot have announced they will not be banning players for off meta picks, but there is more!


WookieeCookie, Riot’s player support lead for player behavior stated that aslong players are aiming to win, and are communicating to the rest of their team the strategy they are using, they will not be banned if reported. This follows community outrage when a previous singed support player was threatened to be banned along with Take the Draw actually being banned for 14 days due to playing support Nunu. Most of the outrage was due to Riot forcing players into being the typical “meta slave”, and that Take the Draw actually was a high diamond player with an over 50% win rate on the support Nunu.

Due to the huge community back lash and attention it gained from spreading through forums like Reddit, Riot decided to unban Take the Draw after a few days he was handed the ban. To set a good precedent, WookieeCookie aims to appease the community to ensure that players that choose to opt for off meta picks are not banned due to disagreements from the team.

Instead of players being banned in the future for playing these unusual picks, WookieeCookie has announced that they will instead be “locked out of their accounts” and having to contact the Riot Player Support to unlock their account. This is essentially a ban for the player, but the player support will be required to ensure the player is not trolling, but is actually in fact trying to win their games.