Riot caster slams Team Liquid

Riot Dash has slammed Team Liquid for subbing out GoldenGlue after a single days’ poor performance

Riot Dash, a caster for the NA LCS completely went off at team liquid in the post game discussion for benching their midlaner, GoldenGlue due to sub par performance from a previous days’ worth of games. Dash starts to get heated as he complains that Team Liquid resigned the previously poor performing roster that had obviously failed last year, only to be saved by Doublelift. Dash then makes his second point, and main point that if Team Liquid were to resign the roster, they should fully commit to developing the players instead of subbing them out due to sub-par performance from a single day. He also notes that before subbing out a player, they should atleast make sure that their substitute be on the same level or better than the benched player, which was certainly not the case when TL subbed out GG.

I’ve always admired Dash’s ability to provoke conversation on the uglier parts of NALCS. Too much of the discussion is sugar-coated, memed about, or omitted entirely. He does a good job of promoting discussion on subjects that the broadcast glosses over too often

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This is certainly well spoken, and Dash has the support of many NA LCS fans along with thousands of Redditors. Team Liquid certainly should put more faith in it’s players if they decide to resign them. This is definitely a blunder by TL, and should be carefully looked at before strict and sharp management actions to bench their players.