Riot confirms 10 team NA LCS position

10 Teams to participate in the 2018 NA LCS

  • Their Phase 1 applications (which ranged from around 15 pages at the shortest to approximately 250 pages at the longest)

  • Our notes from the various phone calls and meetings we have had with applicants, including their Phase 2 interviews

  • Any additional written submissions from teams brand new to the NA LCS (which ranged in length from 4 pages to approximately 30 pages).

– How teams are selected



While there have been many reports with various gusses regarding the number of teams in the 2018 NA LCS, Riot had confirms that next year’s NA LCS will host a total of 10 teams. As many know, the NA LCS next year will completely change as it moves to a franchise system. While Riot has claimed it will put less stress on teams, as they don’t have the risk to get relegated, it seems like a huge money grab by Riot.

Riot stated that while they did deliberate over 8 or 12 teams slots, they decided that the 10 slot would be optimal for the first session of NA LCS franchised teams. This number is set to grow as time passes, likely at the end of every year or split giving the opportunity for new teams and talent to enter the scene. Riot will directly control the teams entering the league, as teams will be required to not only write their application, but enter an interview with Riot’s esports division.