Riot employee wishes death to Tyler1

RiotSanjuro’s disgusting words towards Tyler1 on Discord

A Riot employee has been caught saying some pretty nasty stuff on the reddit League of legends discord group. This has been confirmed, as not only were screenshots of the chat taken, the offender (RiotSanjuro) had his identity verified on the discord group, meaning it was undeniably him. A riot member has since then publically apologised on behalf of the company, labelling the actions of Sanjuro as unacceptable, and that proper measures will be taken.

This was caught the mass attention of reddit and prompted the responses of multiple streamers spreading their view not only on stream, but also on twitter. The controversy will likely put greater pressure on Riot to unban Tyler1, as T1 responded extremely respectfully and even passively included a statement regarding some hating on him and failing to consider how far he has changed.

Should RiotSanjuro be sacked?

Most definitely. His views are absolutely disgusting, even if someone doesn’t like Tyler1, you simply cannot wish death upon someone and accuse him of taking steroids (slander). Riot employees should uphold a certain standards, the actions of Sanjuro certainly should not be acceptable. This directly goes against the ‘summoner code’, even if it wasn’t on League, as a person who hold influence on the game, you must uphold the game’s value, both in and out of game.