Riot extends franchising deadline

Riot has given teams additional time to sign up to enter the League

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Due to the lack of teams franchising into the LoL League, they have extended the deadline to hopefully allow more organisation to sign in. The original deadline was set in the middle of July at the 14th, however, it has now been extended for a shot period to allow for the awaiting teams. It has not been confirmed the exact time the deadline will end, however, it is certain that there are existing teams that wish to enter the League and need extra time.

Initially, Riot set out strict guidelines into which teams they would be accepting into the League. However, this is likely to be toned down much more, as teams have shown to be unwilling to participate in the League, and fork out the millions of dollars to even enter the League. From an interview by the Yahoo esports, it was revealed by Whalen Rozelle, the co head of esports at Riot, that it would cost each team $10,000,000 to be considered, and that other teams currently out of the LCS who wish to join would be slapped an additional $3,000,000

This is a huge money grab, so I definitely understand why teams would hesistate to join the League.