Riot Games partners with Super League Gaming to offer LoL tournaments in US theatersA




According to a source,

Super League Gaming will be adding two types of League events: City Rec, for social play, and City Champs, for more serious players. These events will happen, at least initially, forming four teams out of four different cities—Chicago (Force), Dallas (Dynamite), Los Angeles (Shockwaves), and Miami (Menace). This presumably will set the stage for a playoffs between the top teams from each city.

 This will be in addition to League Unlocked wherein every player will have access to every champion and unlocked state.  Players will also earn increased experience and in-game currency.
* Each participant needs to be at least 16 years old
* Each player needs to be at least Level 30
Super League which was announced a few months back had chosen Minecraft as its first game. Minecraft despite being extremely popular definitely is not a competitive game as the other popular games are. Super League managed to put together a competitive mode by joining together several custom Mods. However despite that they have five different game modes running together. Its fair to say Minecraft has not been an astounding success for them.
However with this partnership with Riot Games, its definitely a game-changer. The ability to watch the matches in US theaters definitely puts the game in the mainstream media. It is something that will be heralded as a game-changer by one and all.