Riot in talks to sell their streaming rights for $200 Million

Riot will be allegedly selling their streaming rights to Major League Baseball Advanced Media for $200 Million USD

Riot had previously been rumored to be in talked with “Major League Baseball Advanced Media” to set up a new application that would be intended to be solely used for League of Legends streaming. This was discussed in the video above from reporter Richard Lewis, and had been a trending discussion on reddit recently as it would likely mean the Riot Twitch stream was cease. Not only would Twitch lose one of their most valued channels, but LoL viewers may lose interest as many will choose to stay loyal to Twitch.

There have been multiple reports on the deal, the most likely being Riots $200 Million dollar deal with MLBAM reported by LA Times reporter Paresh Dave. It has been no secret that sporting individuals have been getting more involved in Esports, more specifically in the League of Legends scene. The deal between Riot and MLBAM, if it goes well, will certainly lift investment levels for tournaments and professional teams allowing the LoL scene to grow exponentially.