Riot loses court case against Edgar Davids

A court in the Netherlands has given David the win over Riot games

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Edgar Davids, a former pro football players previously took a case against Riot for their Striker Lucian skin. He claims that Riot Games had ripped off his popularity as the Lucian skin resembles him, thus giving him the rights / money for revenue generated from the in game item. As a result, Riot will be forced to hand over all their money they generated from the skin, however, there is a catch. Davids will only be awarded the revenue from the skin sold in the Netherlands.

For Riot to determine the amount of revenue generated from the skin from the Netherland will be a painstaking task that will likely takes weeks to settle in whole. The case also sets a precedent, which may result in Riot losing all their revenue in European countries who recognise the precedent of the Netherlands, and acknowledges that Riot is at fault.

As someone out of the EU, this is completely insane. Every champion will have a simular look alike (if it’s human), considering there are so many of us in the world. Also, No, just no, I don’t see much resemblance of the football players compared to Lucian! Even if this was the case, how can an animated character that has fairly low resolution be compared to an actual person, this is just out of this world.

Honestly, I don’t even know who the guy is, and neither would the majority of players who bought the skin, very poor on the court’s part for hammering Riot.