Riot OCE supporting Tasmanian devils

Riot will be opening a sanctuary for the endangered Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian devils are animals which are only found in Australia, more specifically locations only in Tasmania, including the Maria Islands. They have dark fur, and are reasonably small, unfortunately they have been put on the endangered list for quite some time now and their population is steadily declining. In an effort to prevent the extinction of these creatures, Riot OCE has decided to help protect a few of these creatures through a construction of a sanctuary where these animals can safety live, reproduce and be safe from the Devil Facial Tumour Disease, the primal cause of death for them.

-Think up the best name that could ever be given to a couple of tassie devils, it doesn’t have to be League related (it sure as hell can be if you want it to) but it can’t be associated with any other brand or IP.
-We need FOUR names in total, two male and two female, as we, uh, don’t know the gender of the two that will kick off the enclosure just yet…
-Leave these in the comments below, along with an explanation for the name
-Upvote any name that you think is worthy of the Homeguards’ latest mascots
-The call for names closes Thursday, June 29, 23:59 AEST.
-Voting will open on the boards Saturday, July 1, 00:01 AEST running until Monday, July 3, 23:59 AEST.

Riot name submission guidelines


Riot has created a post informing members of the plans, and have also requested fans to submit names for 4 specific Tasmanian devils, 2 male and female. The rules for name submissions are above. As you can see, Riot will dismiss all “inappropriate” or ineligible names which includes brands. Once the submissions are in, players from the community will be able to vote on their favourite choice, where the top 4 names will be passed on to the Tassies.

This is by far one of the coolest things ever done by Riot, not only did they create a fun event which encouraged players to battle more for rewards, they are actually making a great impact towards the community / these creatures.