Riot releases video warning players to not trust free rp sites

A reminder to never give out your account infomation

In an attempt to spread awareness amongst the community that they should trust third party sites, Riot had released a fairly entertaining video on the issue. As many already know, there are many scam sites offering free RP. These usually ask for your Riot games / League of Legends account info, or make you download a nasty virus on your computer which steals infomation.

Riot also mentions that sharing account info can lead to some severe consequences.  Not only may you get your usual derank through other people playing, but also possibly banned. This is because some third party websites aquire your infomation and then lead to sell the account. Once sold,  illegal activities such as scripting may be pinned on you, thus leading to a ban. While you might see this as unfair, people who leak their account details are fully to blame.

As always, if something sounds too good to be true, like free 100000 RP, it’s probably not.