Riot suing Mobile Legends

Riot games are current sueing Mobile Legends for intellectual property

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Creator of the hit game League of Legends, Riot games have brought developers of the app store and google play store game, Mobile legends to court. Shanghai’s Moonton company developed the mobile game and launched it on the two biggest application platforms in the world, from this, they grew exponentially and currently have millions of players and over 6,500,000 likes on their Mobile Legends: Bang bang facebook page. Riot has decided to sue Moonton as they believe the developers had copied the art, and some skills from champions in League of Legends, thus allowing them to profit as it draws existing League players to the app.

As pointed out in a post by the “dotesports”, there are indisputable similarities between the two games. The first time I watched the add pop up for Mobile legends, I have to admit, I definitely did relate it to League of Legends straight away. The lighting, colour scheme, champions and overall feel of the game is to my opinion, a mildly tweaked version of LoL.

I feel Riot are entitled to bring this up to court, and isn’t a simply money grab from the Shanghai company.