Riot teases fans – Evelyn rework

Riot has just released a video signalling Evelynn will soon be reworked

One of the oldest champions in the game, Evelynn, is set to get a complete rework as Riot moves to improve the game for the better as Worlds approaches. Eve has lost a ton of popularity since the earlier seasons, with her effectiveness dwindling considering the constant desire by Riot to favour the tank meta, removing opportunity for Eve as she is typically a bursty assassin.

The video teases Eve will undergo a completely rework, including her character model and skills. As Riot tradition, their rework will once again keep the main feel of the champion, in Eve’s case, its her Q. The video shows fairly quick spams of a spike ability, likely her new Q. Her other skills are shown to be a movement / invisibility skill, and an AOE skill that attacks champions in front oh her and allows her to dash a short distance.