Riot will sell Chroma skins for IP!

Lead for Personalization (Skins) Team, SuperCakes has announced that Chroma skins will be on sale from August 25th – September 8th for 2000 IP each.

Chroma skins IP

Likely due to the low demand on Chroma skins in the past and recently, Riot plans to make all Chroma skins available to be on sale for 2000 IP Each. Players will still be able to purchase these skins at 290 RP each and continue to buy all the Chroma skins for a single champion in a bundle as usual. SuperCakes has also stated that Riot ‘s “excited about these changes and are set on continually improving chromas and making them a fun feature for your favorite skins”. Great news as Riot will continue to develop these Chroma skins while still giving the opportunity to free players to obtain these skins on the sales.

Chroma skins IP 1

“Chromas are meant to deepen your experience with a piece of content you already own, love, and play the shit out of. It’s that simple.”

Chroma skins IP 2

The sale of Chroma skins for 2000 IP each will begin on Thursday, 25th of August and end Thursday, 8th of August. This will allow palkyers to rack up a ton of IP before the sales start, which will encourage people to play more actively and allow them an opportunity to obtain the skins. The sale of Chroma skins for 2000 IP will continue in the future and the dates for the sales will be announced prior to going live.