Rising Stars announce NA & SEA qualifiers

Rising Stars


The Rising Stars qualifiers have now moved on to NA and SEA regions. The qualifiers will be divided into three parts with 128 teams per qualifier for a total 384 teams trying out for spots in their respective regions.


The North American league will have 12 teams playing 11 best-of-two matches.The matches would be in a round robin format.  Six of the teams will receive direct invites, while the six remaining will come from the qualifiers.

For the SEA qualifiers, 6 will be invited teams while the remaining four teams would come off the qualifiers.

Qualifier Information

North American Qualifier #1 – March 22nd and 23rd
North American Qualifier #2 – March 23rd and 24th
North American Qualifier #3 – March 24th and 25th

Southeast Asian Qualifier #1 – March 25th and 26th
Southeast Asian Qualifier #2 – March 26th and 27th
Southeast Asian Qualifier #3 – March 27th and 28th