Roccat vs. Elements – LoL EU LCS 2016 – Week 2 – Day 1– Preview

Roccat vs. Elements are matched up against each other for the European, League of Legends Champion Series will be held Friday, January 21, 2016 – Week 2, Day 1, 10AM PSTRoccat


This matchup looks to be a very interesting game, rather because both teams finished the first week 1-1. Roccat and Elements, both have potential to be mid-top tier teams although they both seem to have some decision making and laning phase problems which will definitely hinder them if they don’t get it sorted out as soon as possible. This game should be rather close but we think that Roccat right now have the talent to take the win over Elements. On paper Roccat have the edge overall but if they fall behind early, it will become really difficult to come from behind.

Predictions: Roccat 60% | Elements 40%