Rogue form a cs.go academy squad

Rogue is the latest cs.go team to form a sister school like team

Rogue has recently signed the core of the ex-Playing Ducks International Squad. Rogue’s cs.go manager publicly stated that the team and himself had planned from November last year to sign the team. He explained he is thrilled to be working with the team in the future, as they are very skilled for an Academy tram that has member rivaling their main team and the top players. He had previously hinted yo in an interview if a new academy team, but that was only speculation, now that it is confirmed it is extremely exciting to see what Rogue will do next.

“We have a lot of plans for the roster and our expectations are super high for the lineup.”

The new academy team for Rogue as mentioned before comprises of the porker ex-Playing Ducks International Squad with the exception of Limpone.
Team captain “KriLLe” mentioned that the deal between them and Rogue would allow the players to better develope with additional assistance and with the sponsorship also allow them to play at full capacity.

Rogue’s academy team current line up:

Kristian “KriLLe” Ekroth
Kalle “perzon” Persson
Tobias “Shadow” Flodström
Kevin “Kevve” Bohlin
Jakob “Barken” Bark