Rogue top Group B after defeating Misfits

Both Misfits and Rogue enter this Group B winners match looking for a real test having breezed through the opening round without dropping a map. Misfits throw down the gauntlet with a strong start on Gibraltar before Rogue duly beat them around the head with it, reminding us all why they are the momentum monsters.Misifts look broken on Hollywood and a Rogue full hold delivers a convincing 2-0.


Rogue take the series in a convincing 2-0. Misfits opened strong, but Rogue opened stronger. Misfits must now play the winner of losers on Thursday morning to stay in the tournament, whilst Rogue progress the playoffs bracket where they will face either Team Dignitas or FaZe Clan in a best-of-five.

Check out the VODS Below :