RoomOnFire Revitalized: YNk, natu & Metuz join the team


RoomOnFire’s strong team of Anders Blume, Auguste Massonnat “Semmler”, Halvor Gulestøl “vENdetta”, Jason O’Toole “moses” has been bolstered by the trio of Janko Paunović “YNk”,
Joona Leppänen “natu”, Vince Hill “Metuz” welcome to RoomOnFire revitalised.

Official Annoucement

“As the eSports industry continues to grow, we too want to evolve and transform. What was once a basic concept – a stream and some skins, designed to share Counter-Strike: Global Offensive content among friends and other like-minded eSports enthusiasts – has now been re-shaped to include new streams, in-depth vlogs, videos from events and international travel, as well as a host of competitions and raffles where you can get your hands on all kinds of merchandise.” a statement reads.

“We are happy to announce the official formation of Room On Fire Media, the next step in the evolution of Room On Fire, an organization gathering some of the most talented commentators and entertainers together under one roof.

Furthermore, under a single banner, we want to inspire the next generation of professionals in our space by providing a platform for the development of existing and new talent through workshops, promoting good industry standards for talent, and providing some of the industry’s most enticing and exciting content.”