Roster swaps: Top SMITE Oceania Teams

After a break from competitive SMITE, Oceania has seen some of the most surprising roster changes.

Laney, Hunter for Dire Wolves, stepped down from his role as he focuses on his studies for his final year of high school. Taking his place is Yada, who moved from Solo to Hunter. Yada has always preferred playing Hunters and will be much more comfortable in his new role. Filling the empty space of Solo is OnlyGoodAtSolo, the substitute player from Avant Garde. OnlyGoodAtSolo has been on the lookout for high level teams to play on a main roster but didn’t have much luck until now.

Dire Wolves isn’t the only top ranking team with roster changes. Biggy, shotcaller and support for Avant Garde moved to the coach/manager role for Dire Wolves. This was quite surprising as Biggy was such a large part of Avant Garde especially as they recently lost CaptCoach after the SMITE World Championships.

The support for Avant Garde is Swaya. A player not many have heard of but plays ranked at a high level regularly. Sources say he plays with Subfloor frequently and has grown a great synergy with him. The fresh blood to the Pro League will definitely be under pressure but no doubt will have the means and resources to adapt to the team smoothly.

After all these changes the current rosters for both teams are:

Dire Wolves

Solo – OnlyGoodAtSolo
Jungle – Maxen
Mid – Kikiomeo
Hunter – Yada
Support – Richardcastle

Avant Garde

Solo – Sporks
Jungle – Rowe
Mid – Ochita
Hunter – Subfloor
Support – Swaya