ROX Tigers advances to the semi finals – LoL Worlds 2016

ROX Tigers has defeated Edward gaming with a dominating 3-1 performance.


First game : ROX Tigers, 18 kills – Edward Gaming, 4 kills.         35:40
Second game : Edward Gaming, 5 kills – ROX Tigers, 18 kills.   26:04
Third game : ROX Tigers, 15 kills – Edward Gaming, 25 kills.     34:45
Fourth game : Edward Gaming, 3 kills – ROX Tigers, 16 kills .    32:30

Check out the individual game analysis above!

ROX Tiger’s performance this quarter finals series was amazing. While they did drop their third game against Edward gaming due to an overconfidence error which put them on a minor tilt leading to a group of members being constantly picked off. ROX did perform amazingly in all the games they won, where each and every single game saw EDG pretty much getting completely rolled. Every single game ROX won, they had over a 13 kill lead against EDG, the second game was the quickest game where ROX completely dominated only went for a mere 26 minutes.

ROX executed their games with the exception of the bot lane fight in the third game pretty much perfectly. Their amazing bot lane teleports, bush camps and overall team fight execution were all superb and really shows that they do deserve to be Korea’s top team.