Rox Tigers v SKTelecom T1 Preview LCK Week 3 Summer Split

Rox Tigers play SKTelecom T1 on Monday the 6th of June at 9pm local time in Week 3 of the LCK Summer Summer Split.

It looks like the tides have turned with SKT starting off the season with convincing victories while ROX have had some hiccups in a lot of last week’s matchups.



Last week SKT had two very clean victories against KT Rolster and CJ Entus. The games, generally speaking, had SKT creating strong early game gold leads as well as strong dragon control. Not to mention a sneaky three man baron. The spot light is once again on Faker with huge Azir shuffles, an un-killable Duke and Bang’s solo kill on Kramer.



In my opinion, ROX have had a rather underwhelming last couple of games. They dropped a loss to MVP in what was supposed to be a very easy 2-0 victory. ROX’s new mid laner Cry seems to be meshing well with the team, with decent (not Faker standard) plays on Azir and super star Smeb also won a 1v1 match-up against an ignite top laner.

Overall, while both teams are very vision orientated, SKT are showing a very strong start to the season. I feel like ROX are still trying to find their tempo in this new meta and new mid laner.



Prediction: ROX Tigers 45% | SKTelecom 55% (2-0 SKT victory)

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