ROX Tigers vs. Afreeca Freecs LOL LCK Week 12 Day 4 Tips, Odds & Preview

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ROX Tigers take on Afreeca Freecs on Saturday the 2nd of April in Day 4 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

Rox Tigers

We’ve nearly reached the point where we are running out of things to say about the ROX Tigers. Time and time again, we hype up a new challenger to beat them and time and time again, it ends up being a one-sided slaughter like almost all of the other matches they’ve played this year. In last week’s matchup against CJ, we saw an even more aggressive side of ROX’s jungler Peanut. He created strong leads through his early game invading and taking advantage of overextended laners.

Afreeca Freecs

Afreeca managed to cause an unexpected upset against KT Rolster last week. It was even more surprising that they lost the first game in the best of three series. To come back from a loss with two wins takes a great deal of stamina and confidence. Afreeca are without a doubt a dark horse this split. Afreeca ADC Sangyoon is the heart and soul of their team. He boasts huge numbers and remains consistent in every single game, even through adversity and struggles.


While I commend Afreeca for a solid split this season, they are simply outclassed by the Tigers. The way they won their games against top tier teams like KT was though the so-called ‘clown fiestas’, through lots of messy fights that prevented KT from gaining control. I don’t want to rule Afreeca out of this matchup. But the likelihood of them winning is very low.

Predictions: ROX Tigers 75% | Afreeca Freecs 25%


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