ROX Tigers vs e-mFire – LCK 2016 – Week 5 – Day 1 – Preview

ROX Tigers vs e-mFire are matched up against each other for the League of Legends Champion Korea to be held Friday, February 12, 2016 – Day 1 Week 5.

ROX Tigers

Although the Tigers were a team with ups and downs in 2015, their fantastic world championship run have cemented their place as a team to be reckoned with coming into the LCK. With the replacement of Hojin, who, although could work well around the team in the mid to late game had significant problems in the early game. The Tigers seek to mend this with the pickup of up-and-coming jungler Peanut. The results so far have been nothing less of amazing, strengthened by Peanut magically losing his weaknesses in decision making that was seen in his time with Najin. Statistically ROX Tigers have the lowest amount of wards placed per minute in Korea, and can be partly attributed to Peanut and GorillA’s synergy in aggressively roaming the enemy jungle and checking out the enemy’s position. Built on the base of Smeb and GorillA’s play, both contenders for best player in the world, the ROX Tigers are right now undoubtedly the World’s number one.

A weak e-mFire, against all odds, managed to prove some of their ability in a close match with SKT in week 3, barely losing out in a slugfest of a third game. However impressive the result may be, it was a terribly played match that would most likely credited to SK Telecom’s rough performance as well as their choice to try out substitute jungler Blank. Mid laner Edge, previously a sub for kt Rolster, seems to be the only player to give e-mFire a chance in any of their games should he go off.

The Tigers have consistently outmatched other top teams in the LCK, and should have no problem keeping their undefeated streak against the lower tier e-mFire.

Predictions : ROX Tigers 85% l e-mFire 15%