ROX Tigers vs. Edward Gaming – Quarter finals Game 1 – Rundown

ROX Tigers, 18 kills – Edward Gaming, 4 kills. 35:40


ROX Tigers secured first blood in the top lane from an amazing response seeing that 4 of EDG’s members were bot lane. From this information, they quickly reacted and decided to dive the Rumble played by Koro1 which ended up paying a little to forward from his turret. As expected from the 4 man bot lane, EDG too responded with a few kills, but only slightly after they tried to retreat Kuro arrived with the extremely risky flash play which only secured 1 kill and barely himself surviving. The game was fairly slow after that, with a few kills being traded back and fourth between the two teams.

At the 20 minute mark, ROX had already successfully picked one of EDG’s members, which allowed them to have a favorable bot lane fight once again. This was a horrible response from EDG as they should’ve just completely disengaged and tried to defend the second tier turret, instead they were split while trying to defend the third tier turret which allowed ROX to once again secure a few kills.

Later in the game saw Koro1 being seriously out of position as he was at the end of the top lane, having no tier 3 or even a tier 2 turret. This resulted in him and another 2 members being baited in and getting killed by Rox, giving Kuro a double kill and the other to PraY. Since nothing much was blown for the 3 for 0 fight, ROX easily secured an uncontested Baron allowing him ROX to push down the mid lane, bot lane and ended up aceing EDG winning the game.