ROX Tigers vs. Edward Gaming – Quarter finals Game 2 – Rundown


Edward Gaming, 5 kills – ROX Tigers, 18 kills. 26:04

Once again ROX ends up securing first blood this game but this time in the bot lane. This was extremely well executed by ROX which really displays their team co-ordination and synchronization which allowed them to easily burst through a 80% health hecarim just in a matter of 1 or 2 second with the use of chain crowd control and damage. After this, a few kills were traded back and fourth as the teams try to make a play to control vision in the bot lane jungle preparing for dragon.

This game was extremely slow an unexpected from ROX as they failed to utilize their early advantage with Lee sin. Nevertheless, the game was almost a complete stomp in ROX’s favor as while they did have a lead, they were able to gradually extend it without losing much from their side. The major fight was actually in EDG’s favor where they were able to pick off two of ROX’s members as the whole team was split, unfortunately, EDG’s made a fatal mistake in being too greedy and ended up being grouped way to close to each other allowing both Zyra and Poppy to take advantage of the small space, hitting multiple members with both their skills.