ROX Tigers vs. Edward Gaming – Quarter finals Game 3 – Rundown

ROX Tigers, 15 kills – Edward Gaming, 25 kills. 34:45

As per usual, ROX were able to secure first blood against EDG in game 3. This first blood was a joint effort between both Smeb and Peanut where they decided to invade the entire jungle and wait for the red buff to respawn. As expected, clearlove decided to go for his red buff shortly after it spawned and fell into the ROX bush camp trap. This quickly lead to first blood as that stage in the game, Olaf was by no means tanky. Huge credit to jungles peanut too for the following play, as after he kills clearlove, he quickly secured red buff and immediately rotates to the mid lane and banked the over confident Aurelion sol.

The biggest turning point in the game was however the 13-14 minute fight in the early mid game. ROX was extremely overconfident and definitely over estimated their damage, even with the initial 5 v 4 lead. EDG too have to be credited, as ROX really play the fight very badly, but it was instead that EDG kited back extremely well which prevented many of ROX’s members from getting in range. As a result, the fight ended in a 4 for 2 in favour of Edward gaming.

Later, ROX tilted for awhile and a few members got caught out as a the game on. They later recovered and got some kills back too, but it was too late as EDG at that point was already extremely ahead, and on top of that they also secured a baron. This allowed EDG to push through ROX’s base and get the inhib. The game ended when Smeb got caught and also baited peanut as he tried to protect him, this meant EDG would pretty much be uncontested as they took over the base and the nexus.