ROX Tigers vs. Edward Gaming – Quarter finals Game 4 – Rundown

Edward Gaming, 3 kills – ROX Tigers, 16 kills . 32:30


The start of the game even before first blood gave ROX quite a decent lead, as Peanut was successful in invading the ROX jungle without any contest what so ever which enabled Peanut to be able to give a 4 minute blue buff to Kuro. First blood was actually given to ROX this game in a crazy 5 v 4 fight against EDG which lead to the 4 for 1 fight in favor of Rox. From this early fight, Peanut on Olaf gained a triple kill which allowed him to catapult himself later in the game.

Following the fight, every member in ROX was exceptionally more powerful than their opposing laner, with exception to ROX’s and EDG’s top lane, where both members were extremely close in both items and gold. However, as the game progressed, ROX constantly ganked and picked EDG’s members which allowed them to increase their gold lead as the game went on. This was an ideal situation from ROX, as while EDG did have a good middle game and late game composition, ROX made it pass the early game with Clearlove on Lee, and also get pass the massive jayce and rumble mid game power spike.

From that point onwards, ROX was pretty much uncontested as they were easily able to secure baron and roll over EDG’s base without much trouble. Even though EDG did try to fight ROX at the end as expected with their fighting spirit, they got completely rolled by the olaf and karma combo which dived straight for EDG’s backline.