ROX Tigers vs KT Rolster LOL LCK Week 12 Day 1 Tips, Odds & Preview

LCK White

Rox Tigers take on KT Rolster on Wednesday the 30th of March in Day 1 of Week 12 in the LOL LCK.

Rox Tigers

ROX have secured first place for this split. Their clean cut gameplay with controlled aggression have caused their team members to rack up some of the highest KDAs this split.

KT Rolster

KT had an amazing start this split, however they have been losing a lot of games in the last few weeks. It seems like they are facing some difficulties in maintaining their top three spot in the LCK ladder. Their game play is starting to get sloppy, especially when the enemy are able to take control of their vision. KT generally struggle against hard engage team comps, especially ones that disrupt their back line.


Overall, ROX should have this game in the bag. The win condition for KT will be for ROX to underperform, with less aggression in the early game. To depend on other teams to perform poorly or with a different play style is never a good sign. I expect ROX to maintain their strong performances all the way to world this year.

Prediction: ROX Tigers 70% | KT Rolster 30%


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