Royal Never Give Up vs. Master 3 – LPL 2016 – Week 7 – Day 3 – Preview

Royal Never Give Up vs. Master 3 are matched up against each other for the Tencent LoL Pro League Series to be held Saturday March 19, 2016 in Day 3, Week 7 of the competition.

Royal Never Give Up

While Royal is expected to show a dominating performance against Master 3, respect needs to be shown for their super star jungler Yolo. Yolo has been involved in a lot of the team’s early fights and has shown a very strong global presence. However, when it comes to overall coordination and cohesion, Master 3 is very messy and have been known to make some very poor commitments.

Overall, it shouldn’t be impossible for Master 3 to take a game off Royal, however, Royal are the more dominant team that have a very high calibre of game play.

Prediction: Royal Never Give Up 75% | Master 3 25%