Rush bashes EU and NA region

Rush states that he usually “trash talked NA solo queue”, but “Eu solo queue” *Waves hand across nose* “I think brazil is better”.


Rush starts that, when he was playing in the EU region he won of all his games and he “realized that, EU lower than master tiers, suck at their game” and that their like gold or plat in the NA or KR region. Rush elaborates in saying “below master tier, they actually suck” and that they are “bad and toxic, and think their good”. He explains that EU players “quit games so f**king early, earlier than Korea, more toxic than Korea and (that EU players) are most sucking than NA”. Because of this, Rush said that he won 100% of his games because he “just played with monkeys” while in EU.

Pretty big shots by Rush!

He then continues to criticize NA players that even though they have “low player skill”, they main a certain champion and are “one trick ponies” so atleast they are good at their champion. He addresses the belief that “Korean gold are better than NA diamond” and says it is not true, as he thinks “NA gold is Korean gold” and that “NA plat is Korean plat”