S1mple Leaves Team Liquid – Find Out Why!

Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev has announced that he will be leaving Team Liquid due to personal reasons.

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S1mple’s decision is definitely going to impact Team Liquid quite a bit since he is able to reach the higher quota of kills compared to the rest of his teammates. Another source website also rates “S1mple” being the highest rated team member in Liquid, with having an amazing 40% headshot ratio, which is definitely remarkable.

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S1mple has announced that emotional reasons led him to department his team as he misses his family very much. This was triggered when “S1mple” travelled back to his home country of “Ukraine in order to arrange his ESL Pro League Visa for London”. During this time, he felt that it would be better to play for a European team instead of a North American based team where returning to visit his family and gir friend was a rare possibility.

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In the official response, this decision may also have been affected by the fact that he was concerned “over his in-game role on the team” while also being affected slightly by “the team atmosphere”.

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S1mple will leave Team Liquid on good terms as Liquid has accepted his request to join a new European team and help him search for one, in the meantime while searching for a new European team closer to home, he will still remain in Team Liquid and stream.

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