S1mple replaces Zeus in NaVi

After days of keeping the entire CSGO community guessing, S1mple has finally revealed the team he will be joining. Natus Vincere will be the new home for the CIS prodigy who has been instrumental in taking Team Liquid to the finals.


A big reason for Simple not joining any big team prior to Liquid was cause of the notions of his arrogant nature. Of late it does seem teams are much more willing to play with him than before.


Simple started out the week with a series of tweets teasing fans about potential teams he could be going to.




Considering the language barrier with NIP and the fact that simple wanted to be as close home as possible it was a fairly educated guess that navi was going to be his team.


“I am really happy to join this great organization and be part of my favorite lineup with the world’s best players on it. I will do everything I can to achieve big goals together with the team.” Kostyliev said in a statement on navi-gaming.com.

Mavis debut with this new lineup will be at the SL I League to be held in China from September 7-11