Samsung galaxy advances to the semi finals – LoL Worlds 2016

Samsung completely sweep cloud 9, 3-0 at the quarter finals for Worlds.


First game : Samsung Galaxy, 20 kills – Cloud 9, 6 kills.         27:27
Second game : Cloud 9, 4 kills – Samsung Galaxy, 11 kills.   37:57
Third game : Samsung Galaxy, 22 kills – Cloud 9, 11 kills.      39:45

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Samsung Galaxy completely destroyed the only remaining North American team left at worlds in a quick 3-0 series. This means that all North American teams have been eliminated and therefore once again, will not take the title of worlds best 2016 team. The loss proves as a huge loss for the North American region as the past 3 years has not seen any North American team being a real contest to the other top regions such as Korea with SKT and RNG for prime examples.