Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud 9 – Quarter finals Game 1 – Rundown

Samsung Galaxy, 20 kills – Cloud 9, 6 kills. 27:27

All started to go wrong with the 3 man gank against Samsung Galaxy’s mid laner, ‘Crown’. The gank was a 3 v 1, however, due to the amazing mechanical ability of ‘Crown’, he was able to dodge most of the skill shots incuding the enemy alista’s Flash + W + Q combo which totally turned the gank in Crown’s favor as they were forced to disengage. Crown then reengaged on ‘Smoothie’ and quickly took him out, while managing to escape against the remaining 2 enemy players, Orianna and Rek’sai. This secured a well earned first blood for Samsung which later lead to Cloud 9 players seriously tilting and every lane losing.