Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud 9 – Quarter finals Game 2 – Rundown


Cloud 9, 4 kills – Samsung Galaxy, 11 kills. 37:57

The start of the game could be considered at 7:40 (in game time), as not much action had been going on between the two team. This was a very slow game compared to the first game which saw tons of early action, frequent trade and a early 6:40 first blood. 7:40 saw a rotation from Impact to the river to skirmish around with Ambition in contest with Meteos for the rift skuttler which then lead to a blow of Flash from Samsung’s jungler Ambition. In the mid game, Samsung once again secured first blood, but this time in the bot lane and ended up extremely closely to getting a second kill too on Smoothie. The game slowed down for abit until the huge river fight at baron, where CuVee teleport flanked the team and completely obliterated the whole team with the Kennen ult followed by the Shock wave from Orianna.

The huge fight lead to an easy 4 for 0 in Samsung’s favor resulting in a baron as only Cloud 9’s support Smoothie was spared from the gruesome fight. After a few trades back and fourth between C9 and SG, Samsung decides to give a final push by getting baron and running down the mid lane. The push saw 3 of Cloud 9’s members cauht off guard leading on to a somewhat uncontested ending in favor of Samsung.